John Titor Ensemble

The John Titor Ensemble reflects the work of West Linn Oregon based songwriter David Sirias, along with Chris Sirias, N. Henry Sirias, and Holly O'Donnell. We've had significant contributions from Emilio, Paul, Ian, and Philip Sirias as well as Julie Meyers, Rachel Ortiz , Marirose, Valerie Long, and Bernadette Coutoure, along the way.

JTE exists to impart a collective heft and relevance to what is otherwise the lightness and insouciance that envelopes much of modern western music. Much of the work here is devoted to the original musical Tallinn Beach Café, written, developed and inspired by David. David's love of Eastern Europe and Chris' Love of Southeast Asia is a thread that runs throughout the music. Their collective love of spirituality and melody as one in the same is salient.

Although Holly could have performed any of the songs on this site, David chose to use several other singers to give the musical the facsimile feel of what it will sound like when performed live by a real theatre ensemble cast. (Hence, David's choice of the name).

“John Titor,” standing alone, has been used ubiquitously by other artists and writers. But the sheer ingenuity of the John Titor story was something that David and Chris did not want relinquished to the fringes of internet culture and pop culture. The name, John Titor Ensemble, seemed a good compromise.

Formerly the “Ensemble” recorded under the name Tallinn Defiant, and released the CD Ingenues and Kleptocrats during the first Bush Administration. Chris, N. Henry, and David have each worked on solo stuff prior to and subsequent. But ultimately, The John Titor Ensemble always reunites, is progressive and forward looking, and is ever vigilant to the stupor into which the powers-that-be would like modern American culture to fall.

With the Tallinn Beach Café in place, the John Titor Ensemble is prepared to speak truth to such power.


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